At first glance, I'm not the best-qualified person to run a business focused on human connection.  

For a decade, I lived a nomadic existence, living and working across 28 countries; meeting amazing people and then moving on; loving and leaving on a repeat cycle. 

I was fiercely independent, often to a fault.  

Charisma has always come easily to me. But so has loneliness and disconnection.

This Is For You is a deeply personal venture.

It's a heartfelt exploration; a powerful learning curve; and, I believe, my life's work.

With 20 years’ experience in personal development, performing arts, group facilitation and coaching, leading transformative experiences is my sweet-spot.

To the outside world, I’ve dedicated most of my life to supporting people in achieving extraordinary things.

Behind the scenes, I've also dedicated much of my life to seeking the kind of raw, magical, meaningful connection I always craved. 

And now I’m dedicating my future to bringing more of it into the world.

I believe that:

Moments of connection – of unfiltered, non-judgemental revelation – are vital for human beings to thrive.

Listening (to others and to ourselves) is our single greatest tool for resolving discomfort, loneliness and conflict.

In an increasingly technology-driven, competitive world, deep human relationships are becoming harder and harder to find.

Creating these moments of connection – of listening when it’s hard to listen, of speaking when it’s hard to speak – is an ability that can be learned and cultivated.

This Is For You is an experiment in finding connection everywhere – learning and building the tools to find deep, human togetherness in every interaction, and sharing it with others.

No one who has met Natasha will have any doubt as to how deeply she cares about what she does
— Jamie D

"I wouldn't hesitate for a second"

"Natasha is a master facilitator with a natural talent for connecting people; her workshop was a highlight of our conference. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put our team in her hands to bring us closer and create deeper connections. As a remote team this is SO important to us."

– Kyrie Melnyck. Co-Founder, 7in7 Conference

"A remarkable gift"

"Natasha has a remarkable gift for engendering deeply human connections. Through play, laughter and an unusual talent in facilitation, she’s done this for our team across multiple get-togethers, leading to increased trust, connection and productivity for our team members. She’s also facilitated multiple client training days, leading to higher client satisfaction and referrals. I highly recommend her!"

– Richard Alderson. Founder, Careershifters

"Like no other facilitator I’ve worked with"

"Being in a group led by Natasha is like embarking on a really fun expedition with someone you have absolute confidence in at the helm. She creates an atmosphere of playfulness and possibility like no other facilitator I’ve worked with, and with empathy and gentle coaxing, manages to make everyone in the group feel included, safe to explore, and excited to be along for the ride."

Anna Levy. Career Coach

"Incredibly eye opening"

"The This Is For You workshop was an incredibly eye opening event. It scared me, but also taught me so much about myself. It was a great way to skip the small talk and make a real connection, in just two hours. Natasha was awesome – she made me feel comfortable and welcome and like there was no wrong way to play."

– Jennifer Lachs, Digital Nomad Girls