You're proud of your people.

They're a unique bunch, and you’re clear: their fulfilment is a huge part of your success.

Maybe you're just getting to know one another, and you want to lay a strong, happy foundation.

Perhaps there's been a lot going on recently, and you want to reset and regroup.

Or maybe you just work damn hard, and it’s time to treat yourselves and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Either way, you want to take some time to focus on each other.

You want to play at a new level of togetherness; get to know one another better; strengthen bonds, and have fun along the way.

If a deeply connected, happy community is a priority (and for you, it is), then you’re ready to put your energy behind it.

Trouble is, most team-builds are, frankly, a bit crap.

A round of corny ice-breakers and a wine-tasting evening is fine, but you’re looking for more than that.

Building a raft together is fun, but it won’t create the kind of powerful, personal connections that your people deserve.

And if you’re proud of your innovative, heart-led work, shouldn’t your internal events reflect those values too?

There’s a much deeper level you could be playing at.

Chemistry. Fizz. Honesty. Revelation. Vulnerability. Joy. Recognition. Trust.

Skilfully designed experiences, and the peace of mind that comes from relaxing into the hands of an expert.

Simple, elegant group and partner interactions that draw from social neuroscience, linguistic philosophy, spirituality, entrepreneurship and design thinking, acrobatics and deep play. 

You may:

Feel fully seen, heard, and appreciated for the unique contribution you are

Find a new level of understanding and appreciation for the people around you

Discover a renewed, joyful sense of purpose in your interactions with others

Hear from others how they experience you, in real-time (without feeling awkward)

Learn a powerful toolkit of approaches to bring greater awareness and intentionality to your relationships

Laugh. Hard.


Every workshop is bespoke, tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Because this isn't "one-size-fits-all".

This Is For You.


Your community will be left:

Self-aware and confident

Proud, grateful, and excited to be together

Communicating with power, authenticity and grace

Personally invested in one another’s success

Meaningfully connected to the vision of the community

Refreshed, re-energised, happy, and strong


If you’re interested in busting open the accepted idea of ‘how teams are’, this is for you.

If ‘integrity‘ means having your values expressed in every area of your venture, this is for you.

If you’re inspired to have every person around you feeling unstoppable, authentic and strong, this is for you.

If you want all that delivered in a way that’s fun, moving, memorable, easy to access and fast, this is for you.

What people are saying...

"I wouldn't hesitate for a second..."

“Natasha is a master facilitator and has a natural talent for connecting people. Her workshop was a highlight of our conference. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put our team in her hands to bring us closer and create deeper connections. As a remote team this is SO important to us.”

— Kyrie Melnyck, Co-Founder, 7in7 Conference

"It taught me so much..."

“This was an incredibly eye opening event. It scared me, but also taught me so much about myself. It was a great way to skip the small talk and make a real connection, in just two hours. Natasha was awesome – she made me feel comfortable and welcome and like there was no wrong way to play. ”

— Jennifer Lachs, Founder, Digital Nomad Girls

"A remarkable gift..."

"Natasha has a remarkable gift for engendering deeply human connections. Through play, laughter and an unusual talent in facilitation, she’s helped do this for our team across multiple get-togethers, leading to increased trust, connection and productivity; also across multiple client training days, leading to higher client satisfaction and referrals. I highly recommend her!" 

— Richard Alderson, Founder, Careershifters